Flip baby, flip!

Things aren’t always what we picture, are they?

At our 37 week appointment this week, we found ourselves a fun surprise – Squiggle seemed to have decided that breech positioning is where the party is.  Unfortunately, I had the flu, so our midwife couldn’t really tell where she was hiding without the potential of a catastrophe… So off we went for an ultrasound, which of course confirmed that this little booger is frank breech: bum down, feet up by her face.  Of all the breech positions, this is the most merciful of the bunch.  After the ultrasound, we popped into the fertility clinic (they share an office) to see if our doc was in, which she wasn’t.  We had a visit/chat with her lovely nurse, however, which was great until we mentioned the breech-ness.  “Oh, that’s a c-section,” she announced, without missing a beat.  We changed the subject, but she brought it up a couple more times.  At that point, all the stress, illness, not eating for 3 days all caught up and I found myself ugly crying sobbing in the hallway like a goon.  I tried to get to the washroom before the waterworks, but couldn’t do it.  It was mortifying.  I hate that everyone saw it.  ugh.

As a result of the news, there’s been a huge flurry of activity the last couple of days.  Schmoopy turned the hot tub down to 97 degrees and I’ve been floating as much as possible.  We’ve tried the spinningbabies.com positions to encourage her to flip.  3 visits to the chiropractor to perform the webster technique and for a massage.  Anything we can do, we’re doing.

Unfortunately, because we’re at “early term,” we now have to consult with an OB-GYN, which we’ll be doing tomorrow.  We’re seeing the best one locally, and our midwife has assured us that not only is she highly experienced with ECV (external cephalic version – turning baby from the outside), but also with delivering breech babies.  Apparently, she’s one of but a few OBs willing to help attempt a vaginal delivery!  Of all the options, I’m extremely pleased that she’s the one who has taken us on, and I keep reminding myself that there’s still time.  I picture it like this: We have our consult.  If baby hasn’t flipped, we book an ECV/induction.  If she still hasn’t flipped by that date, and the ECV fails, we’d then STILL have to book an induction/possible c-section so there’d be yet more time.  I hope.  My biggest fear is that we’ll go in and she’ll say that it’s more emergent than we imagine it to be.

Regardless of the how, this beautiful little baby will be born.  She will be healthy and strong, and we will figure it out.  That’s what matters. We’re going to be ok.


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