Show us your stuff, kid!

HALFWAY.  We have reached the halfway mark!  How did this happen??

I don’t want to jinx it, but seriously, things have been rolling along so smoothly and easily that it almost seems unbelievable.  I can’t really say that I’m surprised, both my own pregnancies were easy, but I felt as though this time I would pay for that luck.  Evidently, this body just really likes makin’ babies!

At the 20 week mark, just a few days ago, we had our anatomy scan.  Mom, Dad, Schmoopy and I were so beyond excited in the waiting room that we didn’t even hear them call my name.  Whoops.  For me at least, it was this feeling of “just keep talking” so that the nerves wouldn’t take over.  The tech and I got settled and she started working away.  Even though she’d asked me while setting up, about 2-3 minutes into the scan, she asked, “and how many weeks were you supposed to be again?”  Time stopped.  I told her, and she proceeded.  A couple more minutes later, she asked who my doctor at the fertility clinic had been (they share an office).  My heart stopped.  I asked if there was something i should be concerned about, and she said there wasn’t but I was PANICKING.  She finished what she needed with full bladder and let me go relieve myself.  Mom caught my eye in the hall and I yelled that, “everything’s good!” even though it all felt so wrong.  When I went back in, I managed a peek at the screen, and sure enough it said 20+1 days (so fine).  I ahem -accidentally- bumped the screen ever so slightly as I laid back down, just enough that I could see what she was doing.  As I saw Squiggle moving and watched her measuring away, I was finally able to mostly relax.

Mom and Dad (and Schmoop) came in, and got a nice little tour of the little one.  Squiggle, however, was NOT into it, and kept those little legs closed and CROSSED.  Stubborn!  As a result of his/her facedown position, we weren’t able to get a couple measurements we needed, so it turned out we’d have to go back.  I promised to eat some candy on the way so that baby might be more active.

We were all pretty sad that we couldn’t find out what kind of junk Squiggle was packing.  Mom and Dad were so hyped to see who was in there and now, more waiting.  “Unless,” I mentioned, “we could find one of those 3D places that could tell us right away?”  A flurry of phone calls and we were off to the only one with availability – half an hour later – with me scarfing an ice cream and a whole bag of candy.

The first thing the tech got was a crotch shot. Without any fanfare, or warning, she blindsided us all mid-sentence, “It’s definitely a little princess in there.”  Mom and Dad held it together and just looked excited/shocked/happy, but me?  Tears.  So many tears.  It was just pure love in that room.  (Dad, a couple minutes later, seemed to process and his face just went to pure “oh dear god it’s a GIRL.”  Yes, that’s an actual expression, it’s just science.)  Mostly, though it was joy and incredulity. Our wonderful tech gave us a FULL tour of their beautiful little lady. The only thing that we weren’t able to see was an unobstructed facial shot as little miss stubborn kept sucking on her toes and her knees!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so intimately involved in anyone else’s story, and watching them start to picture, plan, think about names, and really REALLY accept that this is finally happening for them was, in a word, humbling.

As for me, not much to report.  Squiggle has been demanding candy for weeks and I’ve been holding back… After the bag I frantically ate on the way to the second ultrasound, it’s out.  of.  control.  I am a candy junkie, trying my best to control myself.  We’re finally in the middle of the first real heatwave of summer, so I am pretty much living in the pool.  Go raspberry picking, swim.  Kids’ b-day party, swim.  Walk to the car to get the receipt I forgot, swim. You get the idea.  It gives me something to look forward to and – added bonus!- runs down my kids’ energy.  The more they swim, the more they sleep.  So, swim we will!